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Friday, May 30, 2008


Fashion, fashion and more fashion. Every year designers throw Haute Couture, Fall and Spring seasons at the public and it all seems so brand new. But is it really?

The fashion critics tell us that we should wear this, and that last year's trend is out. I have never been led by any of that nonsense. First of all, I didn't by any designers clothes to ditch this year, and secondly I just wear what I want. It's that simple.

I like unique things and I think alot of people strive for that when they buy clothing, but the Fashion Industry just doesn't want to abide and let live. If you're a true FASHIONISTA you are scorned and taunted if you don't wear what's in season or on the runways. I'm a slave to fashion but it's not that deep.

Take this very unique blouse for instance. It's made of discarded leather gloves. It's ingenious to me. I'd try to make this in a heart beat and I appreciate that the materials are readily available to the average gal who sews her own clothes and wants to make a statement.

You really can't do that on a shoestring budget when it comes to designer clothing. When you buy something from Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfield, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gautier (to name a few) have to have plenty of bucks in the bank and then you're supposed to wear it once!!?? I don't think so.

I've always been a frugal shopper, not so much to my liking, but it is what it is. However, now days I appreciate going to a thrift store and finding some very unique, and quality items. There's no shame in my game to admit it. I buy what I like, and I shop wherever I like.

As I get more and more invested in the fashion industry I have to question just what it is designers are making statements with in the kind of clothing they create. What style are they going for? Is it to make sure that every taste and budget is met or is it just flights of fancy for those well heeled fashionistas who can get more bang for their buck?

I think it's the latter. Fashion has become more and more an Art form to me. From shoes, to handbags and clothing....have you seen what's out there?

Karl Lagerfield has designed a pump with a gun heel....yes a handgun heel. Ludicrous in my opinion, but whimsical by his standards. These shoes should go well in the hood with all the Gangsta Girls hangin' on the corner.

"Apparently Karl Lagerfeld decided guns would look great as high heels and used this idea in these Chanel Cruise 2009 heels. Lagerfeld was inspired by the image of a gun he saw and enlisted Chanel’s shoe designer Laurence decade to create these shoes. These aren’t just special edition shoes for the runways. You will actually see these shoes on the retail shelves."

You the man Karl! LOL Well my fashion sense and tastes don't embody the "bizarre" so I'll pass.

Here are a few pics of what real style was about back in the day.

And here is what whimsy and fantasy looked like back in the day. Very nice.

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