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Thursday, March 08, 2007


God is an awesome God....and if you know what I know, you will thank him and give him praises. I am pleased to announce that the new Kiss'n Kuz'ns website is in full effect....yeeeaaahh booooyyy!!

It's a done deal and we are so very happy. We don't expect any miracles overnight (or do we?), but it's a good feeling to accomplish just this one goal.

Anyways...please take a look when the mood strikes. You may be surprised at what you might find. We have clothing, we have accessories, and we have items for the home and for personal gifts. Sounds to me like you can get just about anything you might want right here! :0)

We are currently building this site up, and it's not exactly what we want right now, but we're working with what we have to work with. We have lots more items to add, and we want to make sure to hear your comments on it, so please take a moment to sign our guest book as well.

We are also pleased to announce that Christine's one-of-a-kind design is featured in the premiere issue (Nov. 06) of "Altered Couture" magazine. Take a look here and click to see what's inside.

She designed an Altered jean skirt, and it made the gallery of skirts. This is a phenomenal breakthrough and first for this budding designer!


As I mentioned, I love all things artsy fartsy. I found the most unique items the other day. Take a look at this stuff. Are these not the coolest things you have seen? It makes you want to slap your head and say...."I wish I had done that."

For the most part, artists don't mind if you take a little inspiration from their works...just don't straight up try to pass it off as "your" own right? Yea, it's inspiration....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I've seen purses made from clothing labels, but never a doll. I am loving this. I've got to make one too! I never seem to get to it though. My favorite saying is: "I've got 2 MUCH 2 DO!" I used to have a license plate in Washington, DC..."2MCH2DO". It really spoke to what I was trying to accomplish..then and now.

Ok I'm going to have to take a picture of my wig head and put it side-by-side of these two table centerpieces. Mine is designed.....uh, uh, uh...I'll wait and just show you (I love surprises, don't you?) These are way cool.I totally love this concept. It's like Mehndi (Henna) hand painting with ferns! So ingenious. OK I search so many websites during the day, I cannot begin to remember who's stuff it is. I just wanted to show it off. I will go back and find out ok??? (Dang...stop sweatin' me)Don't you love love these chairs made out of books with pencil top legs. I think it's way too cool. I like the birdhouse, but these chairs are way better. They remind me of those office chairs from the 1950's or something. And who'd think to make a bookshelf from books (slap on the forehead) -I love it!

I also love all kinds of dolls, and I found these two that were amazing.

I am feeling Miss Victorian Punk Rocker.

I mean...these are some hot little futuristic.

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