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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On Sept. 5th, Dena Varnado submitted her Wedding Dress made out of recycled materials as part of an Eco-Wedding Fashion competition to "Go Green" hosted by University of The Sea in Long Beach.

Before the competition, Dena's mannequin model was proudly displayed in the Mayor of Long Beach's Office and received rave reviews from the constituency, namely the Port of Long Beach Officials.

It was a wonderful afternoon of art, music, food and fun.

Congratulations Dena for a job well done!


Recently on VH1 TV, Diddy (Sean Combs) produced a show called "I Wanna Work For Diddy". This show followed several young hopefuls who vied for the top position as Sean Combs' personal assistant.

One member of the cast stood out among many and she made a name for herself...literally, on that show. Kim Williams deemed herself "Poprah" because she admired Oprah and P. Diddy. Combining the two namesakes inspired her to go for the gusto and be all that she could be to win the competition.

The show has since ended, and Poprah did not take the top spot, but she did make an impression on us, and our friend Ed. Recently we met with Poprah and had an opportunity to work with her and show her our talents at Kiss'n Kuzn's Designs.

When Poprah was caught short needing a dress to wear to the Fox TV "Really Awards", Dena jumped into action and whipped up an incredible dress overnight for Kim. Kim was pleasantly surprised at the garment's impeccable style and fit because all the measurements and details were done "over the phone" and then adjusted hours before the award show.

Dena's red carpet dress shown as brightly as Poprah did on the red carpet. You go girls!

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