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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I absolutely love unique clothing, furniture, and art. These photos attest to my need to get rich and buy some of this stuff so that I can live a lovely life wallowing away my cares like those women in the Calgon bath commercials.

These furnishings take me to a place of romance, daydreams and serenity. Have you ever seen a corseted high back chair with a train? I THINK NOT! And the chocolate color is devine. Ahhh.....I'm melting away right now. :0)

And I'd love to have these delicate victorian "unmentionables" displayed so confidently in my boudoir....can't you envision ruffles, white wigs and pasty faced suitors?

What woman, yes I believe this is strickly for the ladies, wouldn't want her own little hide-away in her back yard? No bikes, ping pong tables or old clothing should be housed in this sweet little sugar shack.

I must give thanks to my favorite blog site, Ullabenulla, for always having some of the coolest pics in cyberspace. I can't help but snatch some of these ideas and file them away in my "One Day" file.

....and I will do this one day, because these fantasies are only a memory away.

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