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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Threadbangers website and other DIY sites have posted this pledge on their sites in an effort to stop consumerism for Christmas. While I support it wholeheartedly. I tried it once and it didn't go over so well.

I was just starting out and had gained confidence as a full fledged crafter. So I decided to give handmade gifts because I didn't have a lot of money to spend on folks. Upon reflection now, perhaps it wasn't that the gift was handmade, perhaps it was that it wasn't that great.

In any event, what will you do as a crafter? Will you stick with store bought or give handmade gifts? I believe that even if the gift is something handmade, the recipient should be gracious and conscious of "why" a person prefers to give handmade instead of store bought items. Does it mean that we don't care, that we're cheap, and that we had stuff laying around and wanted to get rid of it? I kind of think people believe that's the case. I'm of the mindset that you have to prepare folks for this kind of gift giving, you can't just spring it on them.

Had I done that, maybe my gifts would have been more well received. Instead, it was like..."WTF?" Ok so it wasn't that bad, but it felt like that. I was crushed.

As crafters we see the value in everything we do...the time, the creativity, the sincerity of that item. However, can we convey all that without standing on our soapboxes and making a statement about how important it is for our society to value these treasures as much as we do? And in doing so, will consumerism begin to slowly lose its run-away-train effect?

Every year statistics show that people go deeply into debt trying to "buy" that perfect gift so that they can show their family and friends how much they care about them. It's out of control. I can't afford to go into debt any more than I already am, so I don't buy into it, but there are those who continue to do so. You can hear them saying, "I'll deal with the bills later. Right now it's all about my kids having the best Christmas ever!" Yea....uh, one could also argue that will it still be the best Christmas ever when Dad and Mom are pulling their hair out, arguing over credit card bills and other payments they can't satisfy. Are we having fun now?

Well, it's a big world out there and this has been going on for so many years. Those of us who will take this pledge and stick to it are like a ripple in a big old ocean of "buy this and buy that". Can we make a difference? I'm not sure, but I'd sure like to give it a try. I don't think I will this Christmas, but next year, just you wait - my family and friends will know what it is to appreciate the hard work I've put into my gifts. You'll see! :0)


This dress is like the coolest dress ever. When I found these photos I was like, "whoa, this is so creative." I once saw a purse created like this, but it was made out of postcards.

I read the instructions on this dress and my mind couldn't handle the time and effort that goes into making it. So major props go out to the designer. I never even attempted to make the purse and it was way easier than this. I guess I just wasn't up for the challenge. And I don't think I'll be up for the challenge to make this dress any time soon, but I'd like to think so. I sure wish I'd thought of this.

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