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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A Collection of Cigar Box Purses - Smokin' Hot!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this site devoted to stories about purses. Purse Stories allows anyone who relishes this piece of iconography, to share some true tales about purses.

I was in Handbag Heaven when I read the stories and saw haunting pictures of bags and baggage. This is a site that has changed the scope of purse ownership into cult-like, the purse owner can dig deep inside your bags and discuss PURSENALITY, BAG-A-TUDE and HANDBAG HORRORS with those of the same mindset.

Simply salacious!

Dorothy Dandridge Defines Sassy on this pretty pouch.

A Fairie Tale unfolds on this handmade cloth calendar tote!

Do check out the link and see what I mean.

As much as I love purses and handbags....I never believed a site could dedicate its entire premise to sharing secrets about what purses mean to people, how we use them, and what a purse can become in our lives.

I applaud the creators because I get it!! :0) Purses have lives and we are their protectors...we give them strength, purpose and power. Purses -they're not just for carrying "stuff" anymore.

Billie Holiday comes alive in all her Jazzy glory on this custom designed cigar box purse.

Here's my story as it appears on the site.

Gala of Disasters

Christine Burton

In 1997, I attended the opening night gala of the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC. I was wearing this beautiful burgundy gown, but didn’t have an appropriate evening bag. At the local mall, I bought a lovely velvet clutch with spring action closures and a long gold chain as its handle. It was the right color and it was just gorgeous.

On my way to the event, my roommate (who couldn’t attend) asked me to take lots of pictures of the celebrities who would be in attendance so I promised her I would. However, since I only had my old beat up camera bag to carry, my friend suggested that I just tuck the camera into the purse. So I agreed and happily went about my way.

Upon arriving at the event I realized that I needed extra film to catch all the night's events, so I went in search of film. After I bought the film, I attempted to fit my camera into the purse and it just wasn’t happening. I’m at the door and I’m getting anxious, so I quickly stuff my camera into this evening bag, along with the 2 rolls of film…bad mistake!!

Once everyone was seated, an announcement was made that the Parade of Stars was about to begin. Without hesitation, many of the other attendees with cameras in hand, ran to get into a line to take pictures and I did as well. From the back of the ballroom a parade of celebrities began filing in. We all began taking pictures and I was snapping photos like a professional Paparazzi!!

After the gala, we attended the opening night play at a theatre. But just before I go in, my purse exploded. It was so overstuffed that the snap closure on one side gave way, and my contents spilled all over the floor, and the gold chain broke from the purse. I gathered up everything I could and found my balcony seat.

So there I am, sitting in the dark attempting to re-string the handle through the closure openings…it worked to some degree but the purse was ruined. I didn’t really enjoy the play because of my anxiety over breaking the purse.

After the play I attended the “meet the stars” event, and I’m on my way inside and one of my earrings just falls to the ground - it just breaks right then and there! I didn't wear a necklace that night because the earrings were pretty flashy, so now I have no jewelry on. By now, I was just carrying my camera in my hand.

I did take some wonderful pictures with my favorite celebs, in all my glory - no jewelry and holding a broken clutch. It was quite the disastrous evening. I’ve kept the purse all these years because I love it, but haven’t replaced the closures. However, I do use the gold chain as a necklace on occasion. One day I’ll put that beautiful clutch back together and make it whole again.

So there you have it. May the bag always be with you!

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